HEIDI Citizen Science for All Talks and Training: Our May-June Webinar Calendar

The Erasmus+ project, HEIDI (“Digital Action at HEIs as a catalyst for social change in the Covid-19 crisis”), aims to provide training (for staff, decision makers, students, librarians, and communities) enabling Higher Education Institutions to better embrace and support bottom-up digital action (i.e. hackathons, makeathons and citizen science initiatives). Until 2023 we will be running 90 events (in the UK, France, Malta, Cyprus and Greece) and aim to engage more than 3,000 people. All are welcome to events, whether you’re familiar with citizen science or not, and whether you’re HEI staff or student or not involved with universities at all.

You may see a flyer like this floating around UCL Geography or People and Nature Lab, advertising the many HEIDI webinars!

Join our online webinar “Citizen Science For All Talks” series

These webinars involve 2-3 short talks by experts on some aspects of citizen science. They are for anyone who’s interested in citizen science, whether you know much about it or not. We live-tweet on the @HeidiProject account where possible, and questions are welcome!

Wednesday 11th May, 4pm BST: “Odour sensing & Citizen Science” with Rosa Arias and Sofia Teixeira. Tickets here.

Thursday 12th May, 4pm BST: “Extreme Citizen Science” with Fabien Moustard and Simon Hoyte, UCL Extreme Citizen Science. Tickets here.

Wednesday 25th May, 4pm BST: “Data Quality for Citizen Science” with Peter Mooney and Frank Ostermann. Tickets here

Thursday 26th May, 1pm BST (please note the change of time!): “Noise Pollution and Citizen Science” with Antonella Radicchi and Christian Nold. Tickets here.

 Thursday 26th May, 4pm BST: “Citizen Science with underrepresented communities” with Petra Benyei and Rick Hall. Tickets here.

Tuesday 31st May, 1pm BST: Citizen Science with Indigenous Communities” with Finn Danielsen and PâviâraK Jakobsen. Tickets here.

Wednesday 1st June, 4pm BST: “Citizen Science in Astronomy” with Dr Karen Masters, Dr Liz McDonald and Osnat Katz. Tickets here.

We will add one or two more webinars and details to this list as we confirm dates with speakers, so please watch this space!

Citizen Science Training

These short webinars are run as interactive 30-minute sessions on two related Citizen Science topics at a time by Alice Sheppard of UCL ExCiteS. You may be a student, a researcher, someone involved in conservation or anyone thinking of starting their own citizen science project – beginners are welcome. Typically, Alice will give two back-to-back sessions on related topics, and a short exercise or activity may follow, in which you may participate or simply observe as feels most comfortable to you.

Thursday 2nd June, 4pm BST: “Create Your Own Zooniverse Project”. Tickets here.

Thursday 2nd June, 4:45pm BST: “Create Your Own nQuire Project”. Tickets here.

Thursday 9th June, 4pm BST: “Introduction to City Nature Challenge”. Tickets here.

Thursday 9th June, 4:30pm BST: “City Nature Challenge: Event Planning”. Tickets here.

The Citizen Science For All Talks

The Citizen Science for All Talks is a series of webinars and special events which invite world-leading experts on citizen science to give a talk in their field of expertise to share their experiences and knowledge with our diverse audience, including those who at the moment know very little about Citizen Science. They are organised by UCL’s People Nature Lab (UCL EAST) and Extreme Citizen Science (UCL Geography).

HEIDI is supported by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union under Grant Agreement no. 2020-1-UK01-KA226-HE-094667.

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