Quake Catcher in SE Asia – Hsin-Yen Chen

Thursday 16th February

Speaker: Hsin-Yen Chen

Theme: Citizen cyberscience around the world

Website: http://qcn.stanford.edu

Taiwan is located on the convergent plate boundary zone between Eurasia and the Philippine Sea plates.  After 921 earthquake, people started to pay attention to risks that caused by earthquakes.  ASGC is conducting e-science for earthquake disaster mitigation.

One of the main objective to build Strain Green’s Tensor database is for Hazard maps in order to 1)achieve full process of quantitative seismic hazard assessment 2)collect and analyse event data 3)understand fault characteristics in details 4)facilitate accurate simulation on seismic waves…etc.

Earthquake disaster mitigation is for building early warning system demands for good station coverage to simulate the potential hazards.

QCN@Standford project has a serveral tasks: using network computers for rapid earthquake detection, volunteer computing to monitor sensors, developing potential for low-cost early warning system, and educational initiatives (i.e. Citizen Cyberscience).

The purposes of QCN are detecting aftershock, improving the resolution of shake map by cheap sensors, and educating high-school students/teachers in quake-prone area join scientific projects on earthquake. More details can be found in http//qcn.twgrid.org

e-science for Masses

  • distributed storage infrastructure
  • parallel computing job on the distributed computing environment
  • applications for earthquake
  • education and dissemination

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