Invitation to Student Roundtable: Shaping Digital Action

After a very busy spring and early summer running the Citizen Science For All Talks, the HEIDI Project is now getting ready to run a series of roundtables about different stakeholder groups’ experiences with Digital Action.

If you’re a student, we’d like to alert you to this upcoming one on Friday 30th September.

The HEIDI Project. Read more about it here.

Digital Action is term the project uses to encompass three types of action: citizen science, makeathons and hackathons. All of these were used, often bottom-up and started by communities rather than research groups, during the Covid-19 crisis. We wrote a little more about this and the HEIDI Project in this earlier post, and you can read the HEIDI Project’s initial reports on Digital Action here.

We’re now inviting students in the UK and worldwide to join our roundtable at 4pm BST on Friday 30th September. This coincides with Freshers’ Week, so if you’re a new student looking to meet like-minded people this might be a good place to begin! You can attend if you are a student at an HEI (Higher Education Institution) in the UK or worldwide.

This roundtable is taking place in order to find out more about students’ experience with – or lack of experience with – Digital Action. We’ll first find out about what types of activities students have participated in, and if they have not, why this is. (So, you don’t need to have participated to come along!) We’ll ask you for your stories and opinions on how Digital Action can support other research or activities, such as community work or citizen science, and what skills are necessary in order for it to take place. Our goal by asking these questions is to write reports on what kind of digital upskilling and training is required by various stakeholder groups including Higher Education students. We’re asking similar questions about other groups, such as professional and research staff, and community and voluntary organisations. If you would like to be kept updated on such research, you can check out the HEIDI newsletters here, and subscribe to future ones here.

A flyer we are using to advertise the event. Sign up here. You don’t have to be in one of the countries listed. If you’re at a London university, you may see a few of these on campus …

If you are a UCL student, you can attend on campus; if you are a student elsewhere in the UK or worldwide, you will be welcome to join via Zoom. There will be on-campus and online tickets; we will send you a Zoom link whichever you pick (in case you can’t make it onto campus that day). For UCL students who can join us on campus, we’ll e-mail you the location and we are going to book the room so that you all have an extra 30 minutes to chat afterwards if you’d like to.

We look forward to seeing you there, and soon we’ll be publishing lots more HEIDI Roundtable dates for more stakeholder groups here and on our social media.

The HEIDI Project is supported by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union under Grant Agreement no. 2020-1-UK01-KA226-HE-094667.

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