ForestWatchers (Brazil) – Daniel Gonzalez

Thursday 16th February

Speaker: Daniel Gonzalez

Theme: Citizen cyberscience around the world

There is a lot of deforestation going on, which is responsible for 20% of CO2 output. Goal: build a global network of volunteers to monitor forests. Get people through hackfests, conferences, workshops, summits have been getting people involved.

Startingpoint: Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research because they support open data policies, train people and are leaders in deforestation monitoring (responsible for the DETER program (Real Time Deforestation Detection System)).

Are building a platform in collaboration with open knowledge foundation called PyBossa. show users satellite imagery, then allow to flick in between time, e.g. have an image of same area a week or month later. Users asked to mark all area’s in which think there is deforestation. Want to have a running version before the Rio conference in June. Will work on it during the Hackfest on Saturday, join in!

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