Invitation to join our Citizen Science Marketplace at Bloomsbury Festival

From Wednesday 17th to Sunday 21st October, the Bloomsbury Festival will be running across multiple locations in London. On Saturday 20th, the UCL Extreme Citizen Science group will have several stalls in the North Cloisters showcasing the fantastic work of organisations such as Public Lab, Ecoactive and the Camden People’s Theatre.

But we’ve got a couple of spare stalls, and we’d like to share them with you.

Do you take part in citizen science – any form of investigating the world around you that is not part of your studies or your job? Perhaps you classify stars and galaxies, or snap photos of wildlife and send them to a biological record database, or do experiments at home, or monitor air quality in London?

If so, we’d like to invite you to share our space.

Your involvement could be more significant, such as showcasing your work or project by running a stall at our marketplace, displaying your work and running light touch activities at the stall, as well as talking to people who visit the stalls.

Or it could be something very short – you could send us a sentence such as “I monitor pollution in London’s rivers” or “I’m part of a DIYBio hackspace” and we’ll put all these onto a display board to show our fellow Londoners how much science is available to them – often quite different science to what they did at school.

Cindy with picavet for Bloomsbury
Cindy Regalado from UCL ExCiteS, who will be showcasing citizen science with objects such as this picavet from Public Lab

The theme for this year’s festival is “Activists and Architects for Change”, marking 100 years since (some!) women got the vote in Britain. Citizen science can be very related to activism, such as investigating pollution and who is causing it!

If you’re local to London and would like to discuss the possibility of running a stall with us, please e-mail Alex at

If you’d just like to send in a sentence or a few paragraphs about your citizen science, you can tweet @ucl_excites, e-mail Alice at or fill in this short Google form.

We look forward to hearing from you – or seeing you as a participant or visitor at the Bloomsbury Festival!

Update: Our stalls are now full – many thanks to everyone who has contacted Alex. This event is now also available on the Doing It Together Science website.

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