Time to register for the Citizen Cyberscience Summit

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It’s time to register for the Citizen Cyberscience Summit!

Registration is now open for the meeting which will be held in London on 20-22 February 2014: http://cybersciencesummit.org/register/

Citizen cyberscience refers to the wide range of activities that enable people from all walks of life to join in scientific projects through internet-based applications such as contributing the unused processing power of their computers to help scientific computing, classifying information, using their smartphones to collect nature observations or building their own Internet-enabled sensors to collect environmental information.

The 3-day event offers citizen scientists, practitioners, enthusiasts, policy makers and scientists a unique opportunity to meet and discuss citizen science and citizen cyberscience, participate in activities, and develop prototypes for new projects.

If you would like to see a workshop about a topic that interests you, give a talk about a citizen science project you are passionate about or share the learning from a DIY science project, there is still time to get involved: http://cybersciencesummit.org/call-for-participation/


The programme will cover policy, science and practice – confirmed speakers include:

Professor Jacquie McGlade, a Special Advisor to UNEP’s Executive Director working on the post 2015 development agenda and UNEP Live, UNEP’s knowledge platform. Jacquie has developed a range of fuzzy-logic software applications for decision-making under high degrees of uncertainty, and helped to create and launch Eye on Earth – the global public information service.

Dr Beau Lotto, the founder of Lottolab, a hybrid art studio and science lab. Beau’s experimentalist, visionary approach to science has won him a wide audience, including the TED series, RSA series, and the BBC. He uses illusions, games and plenty of interaction to engage his audience, and he is skilled at communicating with people from all walks of life.

James Borrell, whose aim is to encourage aspiring conservationists. His first experience of expeditions was a month spent in the rainforests of Madagascar at the age of 17. Subsequently he has been involved with several further expeditions across the globe.  His research interests are the effects of habitat fragmentation on the conservation of rare species. James has just completed a Year of Citizen Science.

Dr Rick Bonney, the Director of Program Development and Evaluation at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He is co-founder of the Lab’s Citizen Science program. His research focuses on developing projects in which the public actively engages in scientific investigation and environmental conservation; and understanding the social and educational impacts of public involvement in science.

Dr Erinma Ochu, a Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow exploring the cultural value of citizen science and innovative ways the public can participate in biomedical research. Erinma believes that the world has so many problems – let’s solve them together! Mass collaboration, mass participation and citizen-led social innovation are her passions.


Full details of all the speakers will be posted on the Citizen Cyberscience Summit website soon.

To register for Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014, please visit: http://cybersciencesummit.org/register/  (If the price of the summit is prohibitive for you, please email excites@ucl.ac.uk)

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