Public Annotated Bibliography for Citizen Cyberlab

Access to literature and scholarly resources on citizen science, education and creativity

Post by Cindy Regalado and Diana Mastracci


Citizen Cyberlab: an initiative which is exploring technology enhanced creative learning in the field of citizen cyberscience, is now celebrating one year of collaborative work! The collaborative effort of the project consortium is fueled by a belief in the power of citizen science not only in its contribution to scientific advancement but also in the transformation of the way science is done and in the impact it has on people’s lives. As a powerful incentive for creative problem-solving, a source of informal learning and a way of changing the world through collaborative action, there is much to be learnt in Citizen Cyberscience.

Public LabAs part of our commitment to engage with the public, provide access and disseminate information about our project, we have created a public annotated bibliography – a comprehensive selection of the scholarly resources in Citizen Cyberscience, specifically, those used for our study of citizen science, education in citizen science and the learning and creative processes in citizen science aided by Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the Internet. Learn more about how we created this bibliography here. The bibliography also reflects the four pilot projects in Citizen Cyberlab, namely, a particle physics game by CERN, a collaborative disaster mapping by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), a hands-on crowd-sourcing synthetic biology project by Université  Paris Descartes (UPD) and our contribution to the project: the extreme citizen science pilot projects. Many of the resources in the bibliography have provided the background to the development of tools and platforms that will reduce the barrier to participation in citizen science projects.

The bibliography also reflects the multiplicity of insights into the learning and creativity of Citizen Cyberscience. The scholarly resources provide a background to developing a new understanding and evaluation of creative behaviors, which is being carried out by the University of Geneva and the UCL Interaction Centre (UCLIC).

Citizen Cyberlab is an EU-funded, multi-disciplinary collaborative effort. Hence our bibliography includes a collection of articles from fields ranging from astronomy to ecology to particle physics covering topics on education, creativity, public engagement in science as well as tools and technologies, to name a few. But please do join our Citizen Cyberlab public bibliography and help us to broaden our current topics to reflect the interest of a wider audience. To learn how to join the public bibliography and how to get started with Mendeley, please click here.

An important feature of the Citizen Cyberlab is that it is envisioned as evolving beyond the project lifetime, to be continued at the Citizen Cyberscience Centre based at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).



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