Thermal image experiments at London citizen cyberscience summit 2012

Saturday 18th February

Topic: Workshop (Thermal Flashllight)


During the London citizen cyberscience summit, there was a workshop about thermal flashlight by Shannon and Sara.

We made a great thermal sensor using an Arduido kit, a circuit board, a thermometer, a RDB LED, resistors, a capacitor, a battery, and lots of wires. I’m not good at electronics, but it just worked.
You can make the sensor more sensitive with a different range for the LED colors.

After making a sensor, we captured thermal images using the sensor and a laptop (with a web cam) from

You can see several images inside of Room 121, Chorley Institue, UCL. The room was the darkest one we could find around here.

We tried to capture thermal images with two different ranges for different LED colors. Basically, the blue color means low temperature while the red color means high temperature.

You may recognise David (Zhiwei), Paolo and Seong on the images. Check the different colors of different objects, which have different temperatures.
Thanks, Shannon and Sara!! It was a great experience and experiment.

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